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     MeDIP-seq and hMeDIP-Seq with LncRNA Promoter Analysis

20% OFF (h)MeDIP-seq with LncRNA Promotr Analysis
Offer valid through 12/31/2019; Cannot be combined with other discounts

DNA methylation or hydroxymethylation in the promoter regions has the regulatory effects on coding and noncoding gene expression. The levels of lncRNA promoter methylation and the lncRNA expression are significantly correlated. Understanding this regulatory mechanism is a key part of lncRNA research.

Arraystar (h)MeDIP-seq service with lncRNA promoter analysis offers added value to researchers  with the in-depth data analyses of 5mC or 5hmC modifications in lncRNA gene prompters(Fig. 1). It takes a leap forward from the generic (h)MeDIP-seq analysis focused on only mRNA genes, and provides a new perspective in Epigenetic studies.

Figure 1. The workflow of Arraystar (h)MeDIP-seq with LncRNA Promoter Analysis

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