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     snoRNA PCR Array – A powerful tool for studying a new class of biomarkers

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SnoRNAs, stable in biofluids such as plasma, sputum and urine, present a promising new class of RNA biomarkers. Arraystar nrStar™ Human snoRNA PCR Array is a powerful tool to conveniently and quickly analyze the expression profiles of the snoRNAs in tissues or cultured cells, with high sensitivity also for serum or plasma extracted RNAs.

  • Cover all PCR-distinguishable 359 snoRNAs, 7 snRNAs targeted by snoRNAs, and 4 mRNAs encoding the snoRNP complex members.
  • All assays on the panel are fully experimentally validated in cultured cells, tissues, sera and plasma samples.
  • Screening potential biomarkers easily and fast; Quantification accuracy good for validation.
  • Profiling all snoRNAs with as little as 50 ng total RNA.
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