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     20% OFF for lncRNA profiling, overcoming the limitations of RNA-seq

Arraystar LncRNA Arrays, cited in over 500 publications , are specially designed for accurately profiling and analyzing LncRNA expressions.

To incorporate rapid scientific advances and new data, Arraystar has released new versions of LncRNA arrays, updated to Human V5.0, Mouse V4.0, and Rat V3.0.

The new versions provide the most current, robust LncRNA collections, complete with major upgrades in scientific annotation and analyses:
  • Most sensitive and best technology for lncRNA profiling, superior to RNA-seq(Fig. 1). Learn more>>
  • Comprehensive, robust and most up-to-date LncRNA collection to focus on more authentic and research-worthy lncRNAs. Learn more>>
  • Systematic and specialized lncRNA annotation, including genomic context, epigenomic context*, completeness*, subcellular localization**, miRNA recognition... Learn more>>
*Applied to Human V5.0     ** Applied to Human V5.0 and Mouse V4.0

Fig. 1 (A) The median lncRNA expression level is approximately 10X lower than that of mRNAs (based on GENCODE data)[1]. (B) Top 1% of the highest expressed genes, such as housekeeping genes, occupy ~40% of RNA-seq signal. Lowly expressed lncRNAs receive very little sequencing coverage [2]. (C) In a typical mRNA-seq depth at 40 million reads, < 10% lncRNAs can be reliably quantified [3].

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1. Offer valid from 02/15/2020 to 04/30/2020
2. May not be combined with any other promotions or discounts
3. Sample requirement: 1-5 μg of total RNA in good quality
4. Offer only valid for direct purchase from Arraystar Inc.

1. Derrien, T., et al. (2012) Genome Res. 22(9):1775-89 [PMID: 22955988]
2. Ira W. Deveson., et al. (2017) Trends in Genetics. 33(7):464-478 [PMID: 28535931]
3. Labaj, P. P., et al. (2011) Bioinformatics. 27(13):i383-91 [PMID: 21685096]

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New Release

m6A Single Nucleotide Array Services
• An orthogonal methodology for m6A detection.
• Single-Nucleotide resolution for m6A site location.
• m6A modification stoichiometry.
• Low RNA sample amount requirement.
• Reliable collection and systematical annotations.


LncRNA Array Service
Promo: 20% OFF
Offer valid from 02/15/2020 to 04/30/2020

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